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Guts and Glory

All eyes are on you as you take the stage. Adrenaline pumps through your veins as throngs of friends cheer you on. The music starts, you take a deep breath, and you go for it.

Welcome to Queen City Karaoke, Boston's only social karaoke league. It's team-based, which means you roll with your crew, or make new friends as a free agent. It's competitive, meaning you take it just as seriously as everyone in the "ball" leagues (meaning you take it way more seriously than you should). Your fellow singers are your judges, and you'll return the favor, with our scientifically-tested online scoring system."

Meet The Team

Jesse B Rauch

Jesse B Rauch


The founder of District Karaoke, Jesse is best known for his use of social media to save "Screen on the Green," the landmark movie festival on the National Mall. He has several years of experience managing start-up organizations, such as Friends of Screen on the Green, Young Education Professionals-D.C., and Defying Gravity, LLC

Jesse B Rauch

Lynn Lawless

League Manager

Lynn is the League Manager of Independence Karaoke. Lynn is an enthusiast of many things including karaoke (of course!) her company softball team, laugh echoes, the elderly, her cat Vivian, a good bargain, and walking as a mode of transportation. When Lynn is not out promoting IDK you can find her channeling April Ludgate at her corporate desk job, memorizing song lyrics to later dominate the stage, and always living her best life.

Christopher Doorley

Christopher Doorley

United Karaoke

Christopher oversees United Karaoke, the national association of karaoke leagues that includes District Karaoke and Gotham City Karaoke (with more to come!). He spends his free time running Velocity, the mobile technology company he founded in 2009, enjoys long walks in the woods, and lifting heavy sh*t over his head.

What to join our team? Send us an email and be sure to include your favorite karaoke song. Thanks!

Our Partners

Independence Karaoke would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, and partners!

  • ZipCar
  • We are just into performance and we love to win... and now we have an outlet in to express ourselves.

    The More We Drink, the Better You Sound

  • I should tell you our unofficial motto: Anyone can kick a ball, but only ballers can belt a ballad.

    The Commissioner

  • We compete. It's not really about the winning; it's about having fun. But the competition is the fun.

    Naughty by Nurture

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